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An Imperfect Life: A Memoir About Life, Love and Laughter–But Most of All Love is a powerful memoir that will forever change the way you think about life. Gayle Madden takes you on exhilarating journeys–bicycling and hiking through Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, and high into the wilderness of the Trinity Alps. Her insights reveal a life of joy and sorrow, strength and weakness, and ultimately, self-discovery.

Gayle feels her life of adventure is perfect, and when this perfect life cracks, she shares her anguish and hopelessness. Through many setbacks and triumphs, her management of the diagnosis and treatment for pancreatic cancer shows who she really is–who we all are–deep inside. This is a testimony that life is good.

This is a book of miracles.

If you read no other book this year, you must read this one.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the renovation and development projects in India being accomplished through the efforts of Big Baba (Phra Ajahn Withoon Putamee Arjarasupoh.)

What Others are Saying:

Find Your Authentic Path: “There is only one thing truer than the truth; a story. Gayle’s story can help you quiet your mind, see your story reflected by the still pond you create in your life, and find your authentic path on your journey through life.” –BERNIE SIEGEL, MD, author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles

Deep Bravery and Profound Inspiration: “Gayle’s beautiful language paints a story of deep bravery and profound inspiration. All of our hearts would benefit from being touched by hers.” —ARUNI NAN FUTURONSKY, Senior Faculty Member—Kripalu Center, Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and author of her most current book, Not Over Yet—Simple Strategies to Struggle Less and Savor More

Understand the Mysteries of Life: “An intimate account of the challenges and joys of life, complicated by the reality of living with a serious disease. Gayle shows how her search to understand the mysteries of life helped her to cope with her cancer and live a more fulfilling and quality life. Her inspiring story encourages others to begin a journey of self-discovery in their lives.” –JONATHAN PROGOFF, Director, Intensive Journal® Program, www.intensivejournal.org

Find the Path We Love and Follow That: “Through An Imperfect Life, Gayle Madden brings true Joseph Campbell’s compassionate words ‘Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us…’ Anyone entering the territory of cancer knows well the keen aloneness one begins to feel when dropped into such an unfamiliar, harsh land. We would do well to follow the trail Madden traverses for she has gone before us into the darkest reaches of cancer and climbed its surprising rises of beauty. She carves a journey replete with the elements of heroism: tenacity, clarity of purpose, sacrifice, love of life, and surrounding all a determined self-compassion, particularly while facing fear. And it doesn’t take long to realize that in telling us of her particular life, she gives permission for each of us to do just the same: find the path we love and follow that, even as cancer comes to accompany us along the way.” –MARIA SIROIS, PsyD, inspirational speaker and clinical psychologist who lectures on the study and application of Positive Psychology, mind-body medicine, and resilience. Author of Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith and Resilience from Children Facing Illness

Remarkable! “Wise, Insightful, Inspiring – words barely adequate to describe this incredible gift of a book. Gayle Madden has such courage, not only to walk through the joys and perils of life with grace, but to offer herself as a guide for us all. With beautifully crafted prose she shares the mountains she chooses to climb with respect and delight, and with equanimity, those daunting cliffs and precipices which more recently have loomed before her. But with resolve and clarity she marches forward, and through the telling of her life, lends a hand up to others facing those deep valleys and imposing walls that would otherwise overwhelm even the bravest of souls. Perhaps Remarkable! is a fitting description of An Imperfect Life. Because within its pages we find not only a map for our individual journeys, but a true friend and teacher in Gayle. I, for one, am very grateful.” –RITA M. REYNOLDS, author of Blessing the Bridge and Ask the Cow; editor of the quarterly journal, laJoie.

Happy to be Alive: “From backpacking high in the Swiss Alps to snorkeling in the deep turquoise waters off the British Virgin Islands, Madden takes her readers on outdoor adventures around the world. With the same passion, she also shares her trek through the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer to her final prognosis. However, this book is more than a book about cancer. It is a book about living. The author’s story, imbued as it is with her wisdom and insight, makes you happy to be alive and willing to accept death on its own terms.” –DAVID M. SCHWARTZ, author of How Much is a Million? And 50 other books for children


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Happy reading!

8 Responses

  1. Brenda Walsh

    Dear Gayle,

    I almost made it up to see you this weekend, as some disciple monks of LP Jamnian (LP Withoon’s teacher) were giving a mini-retreat. But I was struck with laziness!! I would love to see you sometime soon, and am so happy you are doing well. I have put your book in my shopping cart, and will close the deal as soon as I have $35 in there…I prefer the real paper books. My age, I guess. love to you, Brenda

    • gayle

      Hi Brenda, I would have been honored to have you here, but that is a major trip. So, I think “laziness” can be changed to self-care, which is always the answer. Would also love to see you again. One day, when the time is right. And what a great idea to keep a shopping cart until you order enough books to get free S & H. I’ll try that, too. My best, love, Gayle

    • Brenda Walsh

      And so, I will call it self-care from now on. Hope to see you soon. I have been feeling the loss of not seeing Mt. Shasta this year. kind regards, Brenda

      • gayle

        Atta girl! Please call us if you visit Mt. Shasta. Accommodations at our house are reasonable if nothing else. I must warn you, however, it’s been too cold to go outside to take a bath. :)

  2. Janice johnson

    My eyes hurt, I am tired, but I CAN’T stop reading your book. The words just flow so beautifully! You are truely a gift for us all.

    • gayle

      Thank you, Red-eye, may I call you Red-eye? If you CAN’T stop reading my book, then I have been successful as an author. Now, go get some rest. You may call me Mom.

      • Janice johnson

        Yes, Gayle,(aka Mom) I put the book down for the night , then dived in the next morning. So loving your book, which is now my book, which is now 5 other peoples book . Oops, I failed to tell you your book is a gift I am giving to my family because the message you present is raw, pure, and beautiful. You put LIVING in words that make sense.they must be shared, and I lack those words. So Thank you

        • gayle

          So happy you have made the book your own. It’s really about all of our stories, isn’t it? But you don’t have to worry about lacking words, my friend, your eyes say everything that is in your heart.

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