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Three Wishes

What three wishes have you wished for in your lifetime?

I don’t mean the universal ones like love, laughter, joy and connection. Those are freely given, available for the taking. Rather, I mean 3 wishes you’ve had to work hard for to make come true. The ones that make you unique, different in our sameness.

My three wishes have been:

#1: Become a teacher.


#2: Ride my bicycle on a century (100 mile) bike ride.


#3: Learn how to sing.


#4: (Okay, I know I said 3, but I bet you will come up with more, so I will too. :-)) Have a book published.


Little did I know that I would ever accomplish #4.

In April of 2011 I was told by a well-meaning surgeon that due to my advanced stage of pancreatic cancer I could live maybe another three or four months. At first I was tempted to get depressed, cry and clean out my closets! But on second thought, or third, or fourth, I can’t be sure which, I decided that maybe it was time to take a look at that fourth wish on my list. After all, what did I have to lose?

So as I had the energy, I sat at my computer and bit by bit, word by word, keeping an eye on my goal–I wrote. At times I honestly didn’t know if I would live long enough to complete it. I even asked my friend Pamela if she would see the project through to completion for me if necessary. She agreed. True friend.




But I did make it. Or, I should say I wrote it and it was published. I guess that’s one of the rewards of choosing to continue living my life as fully as I am able. I was so happy the day my box of books was delivered, I cried. I thought it couldn’t get much better, but I was wrong.

It got better.

I took my books Saturday to an Author’s Fair, hoping to sell maybe 5 copies–or so, and being happy with that number–or so. I was not prepared for what happened next. The line formed in front of my table like honeybees drawn to nectar.



I was humbled by the beautiful shining faces waiting in line to support me and my efforts and listen as some professed their appreciation for my writing. I would have cried the tears of gratitude and love welling up in my heart, but I was too busy signing books. Within the first hour, I sold out, even my copy. After that, I took orders totaling nearly 50 more.

Sister Joan and Gayle

Sister Joan and Gayle


(An Aside): I’d like to invite all who read my book to leave a review (a fancy word for comment) on my Amazon page. Simply scroll down to where it invites you to write a review. You don’t have to be a writer, you only have to be a reader so you can tell others why they may want to read my book. Thank you for doing this for me.

(An Afront: ha! ha!) How rich life can be, even in the face of struggles, trauma and loss. If during those times we can remember to put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, trying the best we can to live our life, even when it hurts, then truly, we will end up with all we have wished for.

And this time I do mean the universal ones like love, laughter, joy and connection. The wishes that do not make us different. The wishes that make us realize that we are, after all, the same.

(Book ordering information is given under the tab: Gayle’s Book.)

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22 Responses

  1. It was such an incredible joy to watch your dream come true!!! What an amazing accomplishment… But not a surprise for one so determined to live life every day to the fullest. You and your book are treasures to me, and always will be.
    Thank you for giving the world so much of yourself. I am blessed to be included..
    Love you

    • gayle

      Hi Deb, thank you as always for your love and support. You have journeyed with me every step of the way, and I am most grateful!

  2. Sandra Harvey

    OH Gayle! I am ordering it through Amazon.’Was thinking about you and the signing and am so glad for the turnout of your helpers and readers. I was sure you would do the book and I am overwhelmed. What wonder. Thank you for such beauty, your words and photos, your softness have given so much. I sit here in the radiance of it just for the moment even though I am so many miles away.

    • gayle

      Hi Sandra, such sweet words of love and encouragement! You are a treasure, one I’m happy to have in my life. I hope you enjoy the book.

  3. Canda Williams

    What a joyous occasion that was! I think all your honeybees had happy tears in their eyes that day. I know I did. When I saw you sitting there signing your books, I thought my heart would burst with happiness! I’m thrilled you got your three wishes. I wonder if that well-meaning surgeon from 2011 would like a copy of your book? Everyone could learn a lot from your determination and will to live-even well-meaning doctors. Love you, Gayle, you little author you!

    • gayle

      Hi Canda, The day wouldn’t have been the same without your shine. Thank you for coming. My heart was bursting with happiness, too. What a way to go! ha ha

  4. Nancy Geer

    So glad to see the line at your book zigning. This book is so besutifully written, it is a joy to read.

    • gayle

      Thanks Nancy, also glad to see you there. Doubly glad that you had your own copy. :-) Hope you write a review on Amazon. You’re just the girl who could do it.

  5. Jennifer

    Congratulations, Gayle! I can’t tell you how happy I am that it was such a success. You have really touched so many lives. <3

  6. Sandi

    I could never compete with the above writers who have expressed, so well, my thoughts regarding you and the book signing. I feel so blessed to know you and am enjoying your book immensely. We have more in common than you could ever imagine! xox Sandi

    • gayle

      Thank you, Sandi, I so love your enthusiasm. Yes, I can imagine. My story is everyone’s story. How many different stories can truly be written?

  7. Sandy Tincher

    Gayle, So glad you finished your book. We talked to Alan Craig and he said he was one of the lucky ones and was able to buy one before you ran out because he had promised his wife that he would buy one. Anyway, hopefully you will have more because I would like to buy one too. My phone number is 530-605-5617.
    So if you get more in please call and let me know where to come to buy one.
    Thanks, Sandy

  8. bobbie shaw

    Gayle I am not surprised your number 4 wish came true. I still remember meeting for the first time. Your long long thick straight hair, your smile and your enthusiasm for Life. Over the years you presented each Christmas adorable handmade gifts. You went to school and became a Teacher- for many years. Took such pride in your garden each year. Always full of great heart felt advice and inquiry after others.

    No Gayle, I am not surprised your Wishes came true. Your are a wonderful example of what can be accomplished if you give it your all snd you do! Thank you for that and more!

    Love You,

    Bobbie Shaw- And PS- Get a new wish and Keep On Putting…we need you! ;)

    • gayle

      Sweet Bobbie, what lovely things to say. You remember me more fondly than I remember me. :-) You, my dear, are the one with the can do and will do attitude. You amaze me with your accomplishments. You’re right, I’ll have to add another wish. Hadn’t thought of it. Love you, too.

  9. susan keller

    I am soooooooooooooo happy that I arrived before 10:00 on Saturday to get your book. I LOVE it. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    Your book – and YOU – BEAM with LIFE – in all realms, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your courage and willingness to adventure and climb or descend physically on your bike, by seeking the ‘Stomp-on-it gear’, or spiritually, by inquiring ‘Who Am I?’, are an inspiration to me to live life to its fullest.
    I thank you, dear Gayle, for embracing life – giving to all of us your love, time, and devotion to Truth. I can hardly wait for your next book! Meantime I vow to surrender to Life and live fully.
    Sweet, sweet love!

    • gayle

      Hi Sue, you so “got” one of the purposes of my book–to encourage others to live life more fully. One precious lifetime. Let’s recognize it as such….I’m happy with all you had to say. I also read where your good friend Cathy wrote a review of the book on Amazon. Like your message, it feels me with love and purpose. I’m also happy you arrived in time for your book…

  10. Judy

    Congratulations Gayle. My book will be arriving via Amazon.

  11. Pamela Kuykendall

    Gayle, I should have read this post before I commented on the last one, but I was traveling. Anyway, I have ordered the book. Anxious to start reading.

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