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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Published on October 31, 2014 by in Inspirational

Which do you prefer?

A book in your hand…

or a book on your e-book reader?

I’m not sure which I prefer as I haven’t yet read an e-book. It’s not that I refuse to keep up with technology. It’s more like I just don’t think about it. Don’t ask me what I think about instead; I probably couldn’t say.  I guess I do a whole lot of thinking about nothing. That doesn’t stop me from reading, however. :-)

I believe that books have the power to change my life–well  at least they have the power to suggest changes. In fact, I’ve just found my favorite book of all time–one that suggests powerful changes.

Maybe you would like to know what it is. But before I tell you mine, maybe you will tell me yours?

It’s good to share these treasures with each other. Saves more time for thinking about nothing, if nothing else!

Okay, here is mine: An Imperfect Life: A Memoir About Life, Love and Laughter–But Most of All, Love.

It’s a book about one woman’s inspirational journey through the thrills of worldwide adventures and the throes of heartache and anguish buried within the diagnosis of an incurable disease. How she handles her adversities shows the strength and resilience of human nature and points the way for all of us to live a life filled with love. It is a testimony that life is good. It is a book of miracles. I would recommend it as a “must read.”

It took me a long time to find the book, though. It took a long time because it just wasn’t out there. So I wrote it. It is my book. It is my story. And now that it’s published, it can be your book, too.

You can either hold the book in your hand…

or hold your e-book reader.

It’s available for both preferences.

For those of you living in the Redding area, the book-in-your-hand version will be on hand for a short time Saturday, November 8th at the Mt. Shasta Mall. That’s when I will be selling copies at an Author’s Fair. My hours might be short as my energy wanes rapidly, but I plan on being there from 10:00 a.m. If you care to take a peek at it, stop by.

For those of you living outside of the Redding area (assuming you want one, of course), you can find ordering instructions by clicking on the tab that says “Gayle’s Book” located under the header at the top of this page. Or click on the link at the end of this post.

I’m usually not an advocate for consumerism, so I hope you will forgive me for suggesting that the book might make a great gift for someone who likes to read. (Ouch. That was painful!) Even if you re-gift yours. It’s not the sales I’m interested in, it’s the readers! (There, that feels better….) While I’m at it, I might also be so bold as to suggest that it would make a good selection for your book club….If so, and you’re local, I’d love to participate in that discussion!

Let me know if you like the book. Or better yet, let Amazon and your friends know. A good word here and a good word there is usually a good thing.

And if my story has the power to suggest a positive change in your story, then I will be satisfied.

After all, aren’t we all here to help each other have happier endings to our stories? Then we will all be satisfied, and all be in love–with each other.

And what could be better than that?


The e-book is available at Amazon. To order, click HERE..

The paperback book is also at Amazon. To order, click HERE..

If you like the book, please feel free to help me spread the word by leaving a review on Amazon.

Happy reading!

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29 Responses

  1. Sandy Tilles

    I think you are a great writer, so with one click I put it on my Kindle. I just finished an epic mythical, novel about a matriarchy in Hawaii, that I loved, “Shark Dialogues” by Kiana Davenport. I highly recommend it.

    Always so good to get your posts. I had no idea you have been writing a book all this time, and yet I am not surprised. Thinking about taking another singing workshop at Esalen this spring, with Vernon Bush. It would make me so happy to sing with you again there.
    With love and light, Sandy

    • gayle

      Hi Sandy, You’re probably the first to order the e-book. Thank you. I love the title Shark Dialogues–sounds like something I’d like to read. Don’t know about getting back to Esalen. Maybe. Singing is a bit difficult for me right now, but I do love it so! Thank you for your sweet words, Sandy.

  2. Bryan Jones

    As we discussed a couple of weeks ago I would love to come get a copy of your book. However Sharon got sick yesterday and now I have a cough and a cold. Rather than come see you and impersenate the Grim Reaper on the day after Halloween I will keep my germs to myself and hope to visit you another day. Sharon and I will discuss what version of your book to get and share the Love.
    Thank You for all that you are.

    • gayle

      Hi B.J. The book signing will be the following Saturday–the 8th. Hope you can make it then if you decide on a paperback. Get well, and thanks for not spreading those germs!

  3. Amazing. What a wonderful sales pitch for a book I can’t wait to read. Just ordered it on Amazon for the iPad. I am in the process of writing a memoir. You inspire me on many levels. And it thrills me to know you finished the book, that you are going to an author’s day, that you are still loving and laughing and experiencing life and sharing it with all of us.

    • gayle

      Can’t wait to read your memoir! How is it progressing? Hope you like mine, and I hope it continues to inspire. I do love to write and while doing so I feel strong and that all is well. Thanks for the encouragement–and for ordering the book!

  4. Jan McCracken

    The great news of your book made my day, week, year, oh-what-the heck, life! I ordered two copies to start. What a celebration! Can’t wait to cozy up by the fire and read it. And cry and laugh. And love! Bravo brave you!

    • gayle

      Hi Sweet Jan, Wow! I made the cover of Life. :-) You’re right, it is a celebration. Maybe I’ll order another copy for me, too! Have fun reading. Jonathon Progoff (son of Ira Progoff) wrote one of the book jacket blurbs. I wanted to do something for Dr. Progoff after he has done everything for me! Love you, Jan.

  5. Wanda Stone-Brady

    Gayle, I can’t wait to order the book. I will never forget how you reached out to me at the worst time of my life. You told me it was ok to cry as I was sobbing talking to you. You made me laugh as you told me little things that happened to you.
    I will always be forever grateful to you and how you reached out to me.
    Even though we have never met I am honored to call you my friend my inspiration. Thank you with all my heart.

    • gayle

      Sweet Wanda, I loved reaching out to you. I would like to have continued had my cancer not recurred. As it was, it came and my energy went. At least I can sit and write and therefore still reach out. I am honored to serve you, friend. My best to you! Love, Gayle

  6. May I suggest this: Everyone needs to read Gayle’s book, keep your copy, don’t lend it (you probably would not get it back) and get copies for those you love and care about because it really is that good – no, it’s that grand. It is an exceptional tool and guide and encouragement and just a great journey. Thank you, Gayle, for the gift you are and for sharing your story with us all.

    • gayle

      Is it possible I can be blushing right now? Thank you for your very kind words, Rita. You were the one many years ago who encouraged my writing by purchasing the first article I ever wrote for a magazine. I still enjoy receiving and reading “laJoie”. And your two books are great reads: Blessing the Bridge and Christina the Cow. (Did I get that last title right?) I know you have more books in you, and I can’t wait to read them! Keep writing.

  7. Laurian

    WOW! You did it! I am so thrilled! As soon as I get off your site, I am going to order 2 copies of the paperback. One for me, and one for Misty. I love you dear friend, and pray for the ease of your pain and for your health to be the best that it can be.
    Love, Congratulations, and Hugs,

    • gayle

      It’s been a long time coming! Remember the very first page I showed you while you were here visiting? It has totally changed since then. (Thank goodness!) Hope you and Misty like the book.

  8. Jeanne

    Congratulations, Gayle! You finished your book! I can’t wait to read it and buy a copy for my sister-in-Law! See you on November 8, after the CASA super hero run!

  9. Congratulations Gayle!!! I am so happy for you. I look forward to seeing you at the book signing! :)

  10. Canda Williams

    Thank you for signing my book today, Gayle. You had quite a line there. It was like old home week. You’re so loved by so many people. I can’t wait to dig into your book, and I’m sure my book club will want to read it too. You’re truly amazing, inspiring, and beautiful inside and out, Gayle. Hugs, Canda

    • gayle

      Canda, it is always so good to see your smiling face. Thank you for being there. I do hope your book club chooses to read the book. Please let me know if they do. You’re sweet to say such kind words. You inspire me to smile more!

  11. Peggie Linville

    Thanks Gayle, I have ordered my copy from Amazon and can hardly wait to read it. Blessings to you.

  12. Judith King

    Dear Gayle,
    It was good to see you, it was important to see you. Your book kept me planted in front of it for two days. I wept often, reflected often but mostly was vicariously thrilled by your response to God’s Creation. The fun, the joy, the peace, the passion, the celebration of life.
    I woke up around 3 am, nauseous, feeling sick, cold sweaty hands and feet, and anxious. I am wondering if it is in response to the other part of the journey, the loss grief and sorrow.
    I am curious. Did you ever read the Bible. In your book your efforts to explore who Jesus is were interrupted
    The beautiful poem that wrote itself, I like that.
    Thank you for writing of your faith, your faithfulness, and your continual trust in God and His everlasting, ongoing mercies. Well done, Gayle


    • gayle

      Gosh Judith, hope my book didn’t make you sick! :-) I am so happy to hear your response, as it is always interesting to hear what readers feel is the most important theme. Yes, you “got” one of them. No, I have not read the Bible, but am trying to. Glad you joined me on my eventful day.

  13. Judith King

    Gayle, The word love does not appear in my earlier comment, that bothered me. Yet, that was the medium by which your book was written and read. Thanks
    for alllll the love. I love you.

  14. susan keller

    I just need to respond – kinda late here – regarding a good book to recommend.
    After reading your book I have already highly recommended it to people. I will also be loaning mine out to others. (I shan’t depart with it!)
    I also want to recommend another book I just read. It is “Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary” by Adyashanti. Adya shines a light on the deeper meanings of the Jesus story. It’s best if you go to Amazon and read about it to see if it pulls you in.

  15. Pamela Kuykendall

    Gayle, did you sell all your books? I am coming to Redding next week. If you have any left I could get an autographed copy. If not I will order one. Thanks, Pam

    • gayle

      Hi Pam, yes, I sold all of my books, even my copy. But since there were 51 ordered at the Author’s Fair, I ordered them and a few more for a Christmas Boutique that will be taking place at the North Valley Art League. I’m hoping they arrive next week. Phone me when you get in town and I’ll let you know if they are in. Otherwise, Amazon will take good care of you. :-) My publisher says the sales are going strong. Yay!

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