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Graced by a Goddess!

Published on May 27, 2014 by in Inspirational

Have you ever met a Goddess?

I have.

I’ve actually met several during my lifetime. All of them have invited me into their hearts, but this one invited me into her home. And garden.

It’s best that you don’t say no to a Goddess, nor do you want to, so I said a resounding yes!

You may know this lovely vision as Sandi Howell. I call her Victoria. Somehow the name suits her.

Sandi's Ambrosia (Or is that Victoria's?)

Sandi’s Ambrosia
(Or is that Victoria’s?)



















Although Sandi had invited other guests, Lynda and Bobbie, she called me Queen for the Day and treated me like royalty. I loved the honor and giggled daylong.

Goddesses always start the day with a flourish, a bit of ambrosia and then retreat to the enchantment of their garden.

So we followed her lead; we flourished, we ate ambrosia and retreated to her enchanted garden.

But lest you confuse a Goddess with a Princess, even though I was a Queen, it is birds that follow princesses, tweeting and chirping and acting like lovesick school girls. And it is every creature that follows a Goddess in hopes of giving her sweet adoration and kisses.

A Little Fishy Smooch!

A Little Fishy Smooch!

















And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the four of us got out our water-colors and painted!

Displaying DSC_0137.jpg
Ah…life doesn’t get any better than this.
But I have learned that life is best when we give our most precious gift to each other–our Self.
Our true self–unashamedly, unapologetic, and with flourish.
When it comes to the time when we must say our final good-byes, who among us will regret having shared who we are? Who among us will regret never having done so?
May you be among the lucky ones. May you give your greatest treasure. May you give You today!
And if you don’t know how, invite a Goddess into your life. She will show you how easy it is to give, and she will teach you how to do so with flourish and grace!
Give Until Your Heart Runneth Over!

Give Until Your Heart Runneth Over!






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27 Responses

  1. Canda Williams

    What an honor indeed, to be treated to a day with Sandi. Definitely sounds like an enchanting experience!

  2. Nancy Geer

    I have found when I am having a bad day, I read your latest inspiration and it helps me center. In spite of the issues that I know you are dealing with, your optimism and beauty come through so loud and clear, it reminds me of the wonderful things in my life and allows me to deal with what is happening more calmly. Thank hou.

  3. Kat

    Love, Love, Love! <3 <3 <3

  4. Kat

    Ha! <3 does not make hearts like on FB…heart!

  5. Joyce

    Gayle, YOU are truly one amazing goddess! Carrying you in my heart inspires me, often bringing inner (and outer) smiles of joy. Ahhh, the sweet joys of life.

  6. Francie Parr

    Oh My God Gayle…..
    Exquisite……thank you so much1 My days are enriched immeasurably because of who you are and what you gift us with through your writings and experiences. I love you so! Francie

  7. Pamela

    I know who MY “goddess” is!

  8. Wanda Stone-Brady


    • gayle

      Thank you, Wanda! Hope all the photos showed up on your computer. My husband’s computer did not display the most beautiful one of the garden. Alas….

      • Elizabeth Guittar

        As usual you leave me speechless! All I can think of is how many of my friends and I could enrich our lives with your wisdom and sense of peace. “Keep on truckin” along the path of life…you are so good at it. CUZ XO

        • gayle

          You, sweet lady, have much wisdom of your own. Your style may be on a grander scale than mine, but you share it through your humor and wit. May you share freely today with all your dear friends and family. (And I would love to have you share my blog with your friends. I so love new readers!) (I know, I’m shameless. :-)

  9. Dearest Queen Gayle,
    It is I who wants to thank YOU for gracing my home and garden that day with your presence! I felt very blessed indeed to have the opportunity to enjoy the day with you! Thank you for sharing and giving of yourself both in person and in writing with your well-written sentiments and inspirations throughout your journey on your blog… you touch our hearts and teach us much!
    The garden awaits your return, sweet Queen…just give a call anytime.

    • gayle

      Thank you for your sweet words Victoria! There are times through this journey that only a Goddess can heal–and a Goddess’ garden! I’ll call you when it’s time to sip a glass of nectar. :-)

  10. Liz

    I found the post on facebook. Thanks for posting it there, since my old e-mail does not work any more. I do not want to miss your blog.

  11. Cheri

    That was lovely. I really enjoyed your blog.

  12. What a wonderful day we had thanks to Sandi! And I found out my name should be Raven. Thank you Gayle for a fun day. If any of you followers want to see more photos from that day, please feel free to visit my blog at www. Lyndanolte.com and click on blog. There is a great picture of Gayle painting the koi! And the photo of Bobbie’s painting of Gayle by the pond painting the Koi. All great fun!

    • gayle

      Thanks for the invitation to see more pictures, as one of mine did not show. Consequently, my post did not do justice to Sandi’s garden. It was a fun day!

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