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Valentine’s Day Love

What is it about Valentine’s Day lately?

On February 14, 2011, I was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. In August 2011 I had surgery and became cancer free.

On February 14, 2013, I was diagnosed with recurring cancer. I could expect to live 4-6 months. Possibly double that if I opted to resume chemotherapy.

I opted.

It doesn’t take a math wizard to figure out that February 14, 2013 plus 12 months = today. Yikes! It got here sooner than I expected!

Yet here it is, February 14, 2014, Valentine’s Day. A day of love.

And I’ll let you in a little secret. Because of Valentine’s Day 2011 and Valentine’s Day 2013, I have learned to love. Not family and friends, I loved them before. Not nature, I loved Her before. Not art, I loved art before. Not life, I loved life before.

But rather, Self.

Because of those two momentous Valentine’s Days, I have had cause to find the core of myself. And I must say, at long last, I have fallen in love with me!

It was easy to do really–fall in love that is. Because what I am, what you are, too, is so indescribably delicious and dazzling that chocolates and flowers and glitter only point the way! And lest you think I’ve gotten too full of myself,  I assure you, I have not. Self love is the greatest Valentine any of us can give the world. It is pure.

And I’ll let you in on another secret. Loving myself has opened the door to loving all.  Sweet!

As I live my day today,Valentine’s Day, 2014, I give thanks for the gift of one more day. One more day to love. One more day to taste chocolates, one more day to smell flowers, one more day to live. One more day….

And I give thanks for you, sweet friends, who fill my life with a living bouquet; ever delicious, ever dazzling, ever unpredictable, ever rosy!

So, I am sending you this valentine on this day of love.

May it fill your heart with the love we all share.

May it fill your heart with remembrances of gratefulness.

Gratefulness that we have one more day to love.

One more day to taste chocolates.

One more day to smell flowers.

One more day to live.

One more day….

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sweet Valentine!

Sweet Valentine!

I love you all!


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56 Responses

  1. Sandy Tincher

    Thank you for the wonderful thoughts and Valentine. The same to you. You have been through a lot and we think of you often. Just keep your wonderful attitude as it is such a help. Love, Sandy and Walt

  2. Pam Sanchez

    Profound, simple, sweet, amazing, true! I accept! Thank you for being who you are and for how you utilize EVERYTHING for good! Indeed that seems to be the way of it and it does seem to take a lifetime to figure out…at least for most of us. You are an assist in that for all of us lucky enough to know you. I know that we all experience you as one of our favorite “chocolates” in the box of life, one of our lovliest “flowers” in the bouquet! Great love to you and Mike and all of us connected in love on your wonderful blog!! Pam

    • gayle

      Hi Sweet Pam, Thank you for your dazzling words! I can say the same for you–and will do so right now: Same for you! My love, Gayle

  3. Elizabeth Guittar

    A “standing ovation” and not for the flowers. To quote a number of my little friends, when they were little, HAPPY VALENTIMES DAY. A poll was conducted on The Today Show Today of all times. People were asked their intentions for V-Day????? Make mad passionate love or put on the sweats and watch TV (keeping in mind of course that Olympics are on). Can’t reveal the results but lets just say there are a lot of sports fans out there. Apprapo of nothing ( sp) but a little chuckle. Some of us are not as poetic as you. ISh. XO

    • gayle

      Hi Cuz, You always make me smile! Glad we’re in touch with each other, and I know how I would vote on that survey–they are both the same answer! Hugs to you and Lee

  4. Leonard


    Gayle I’m so glad you fell in love with yourself, it’s the BEST person to fall in love with first. I think this because I ALWAYS have RuPaul’s saying in the back of my head

    “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna loooove somebody else?”

    Happy V-Day

    • gayle

      I soooo get it! Thanks, Leonard, to a master of loving. I hope to see you next month! One of these days it will have to be over lunch instead of IVs.

  5. shirley

    Happy Valentine’s Day Gayle, you are a remarkable women and I have
    learned so much from you on your trip. My thoughts about life and
    death are so different now, and I thank you for that. I love you and
    hope this day is your best!

    • gayle

      Hi Shirley, thank you Sweet Heart for your kind words. I’m happy to be of service if I can! This day is great–hope it is for you, too!

  6. Wanda Stone-Brady

    Hi Gayle…
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    May you have many more filled with love and Health!

    In my prayers always

    • gayle

      Wanda, I’m so happy to hear from you! I’ve been wondering how you are–especially since listening to Scott Hamilton comment on the Olympics. I accept your Valentine–and wish the same for you. Many more filled with love and good health! Blessings, Gayle p.s. If you still have my phone number, please feel free to phone.

  7. Kathryn

    oh, Gayle, you continue to inspire and teach me from 3,000 miles away. Self-love – now there’s something sorely lacking in this world, and we don’t hear much about it. That was what I needed to hear today, after berating myself for something that happened earlier in the week. Thank you for the reminder to love and cherish myself, first. Have a beautiful, wonderful day, my friend. I will be performing in the city tonight, doing what I love, how blessed am I! And I will send you some photos, but for now, here is a virtual hug!!!! Don’t forget to wrap yourself in your goddess shawl – I’m going to get mine right now and keep thinking of you!

    • gayle

      Sweet Kathryn, Thanks for the reminder of my Goddess shawl. I haven’t had that out for a very long time. It is time. I would dearly love to see you perform sometime. Who knows what the future may hold–maybe a trip to New York? P.S. Berating is so over-rated! Much love

  8. Sharon Haselton

    Dear Gayle, you have also given the gift of ‘Self’ to all of us that know you and those who don’t. Your sharing of your intermost ‘self’ has brought meaning to so much I never even thought of. So dear friend, dear self, I love, admire, and pray, for you. Sharon

    • gayle

      How beautiful, Sharon. Thanks! Someday I’d love to visit with you and talk about some of those new thoughts of yours. Let’s swap ideas, okay? We will lift each other. Gayle

  9. Laurian

    I love you too! We all know how easy it is to love you…it is just surprising that it took you this long to love you. You are an amazing and gifted person…and always have been. I am so glad you have another Valentine’s Day to appreciate…and to help us appreciate it even more.

    • gayle

      Laurian, my longtime friend–I’ve always felt and appreciated your love. Now the invitation is for you to love you. Have you done that yet? It’s been easy for me to love you all these years! Keep me informed. Love, Gayle

  10. Jeannie

    Gayle, thank you for your words of wisdom. Thank you for your beautiful writing and your beautiful outlook. Thank you for your friendship and love. You always brighten my day, no matter what day it is. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Jeanne

  11. Mary Burton

    And I love you too! my sweet dear friend!

    • gayle

      You have a lot of love to give, Sweet Mary. I’m honored to have some of it come my way! May your heart continue to expand!

  12. Miriam Weissberg

    You are so incredible. I have a quote on our refrigerator that says “let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. (marcel Proust)
    You make me happy!
    Love, miriam

    • gayle

      Thanks, Miriam, from a Master Gardener, herself! If you are happy reading my posts, you understand my message! We speak the same language.

  13. Francie Parr

    OH, GAYLE….

    This is the BEST Valentine message I’ve ever received, and I am so grateful to you for spreading your LOVE and MAGIC to us all…..I love and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know, and i just wish I could hug you in person! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Francie

    • gayle

      You are so like a puppy, waggling that little tail of yours because you just can’t contain your joy! You are happiness and love personified!

  14. Canda Williams

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, dear Gayle. What a beautiful post, and gorgeous flowers! I’m so glad to know you’ve fallen in love with yourself, because we’ve been in love with you for years!

    • gayle

      You are too cute! Thank you. I went to look at the drum in Cottonwood. Didn’t work for a hand drum, but you are right–it’s irresistible. Someone who has the space for it will find it one day. Happy smiling, Canda. You light up a room with yours.

  15. Karen

    Beautiful and very h e a r t felt. Love, love, love yourself my wonderful friend…I know you do, you deserve it…it shows in your smile, in your giggles when you are painting, in your laughter at yourself, in all the love you give to others…Ah! Sweet love.

    A VERY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 2014 to you and your beloved husband.

    Darn…I forgot to buy myself flowers today ’cause I love me,too…maybe they will be on sale tomorrow! :-)


    • gayle

      I’d pay full price if I were you–even if they’re on sale. That would make an outrageous statement of self love! My best, Gayle

  16. karen Reddin

    The most beautiful Valentine ever!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!

  17. charlie

    Nothing left to say
    love you

  18. sue keller

    To know yourself truly. What MAGNIFICENCE! What LUCK! What GRACE!

  19. Peggie

    Thank you Gayle for sharing yourself and your gift of love. You are
    a very special lady and you are giving so much true love to us and the world. A very Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. Love you

  20. Sandra Harvey

    Sweet. Thank you for reminding me to love who I have been who I am, that I can be Love unwavering. The brightness of your Life shines through in your note and this day!

    • gayle

      Sandra, you are love unwavering! You have given me such profound healing during my too short time spent with you. May we meet again!

  21. Sweet Valentine Gayle! You are pure love all wrapped up in radiant beauty that shines for us all, better than all the glitter in all the universe. So you’d just better love YOU because we all do! Last night, I was just pondering – nothing much, but a little thought crept in that just snuggled down and warmed me through and through: that when we strip away all we think is important and timely and valuable material-wise; when we send off all the agendas and the should-haves and what-ifs; and throw out all the judgments and opinions of others who choose to be critical; toss away politics and formalized religion and fear and mistrust, then like making maple syrup, what it all “boils down to” is love that asks for nothing, but in its being-ness, gives all. May February 14th, 2015 find you composing yet another Valentine blog!! I’ll be looking for it. My love to you, Gayle, Rita

    • gayle

      Dear, dear Rita,
      Your words brought tears to my eyes–thank you for that! Your voice is strong and clear and “boils down to” the essence of who we are. I hope you have a new book in the works. You have so much wisdom and love to share. My best! And, yes, I look forward to composing yet another Valentine blog next year–thank you for the encouragement!

  22. Karen

    Gayle you do not know me but Michele Woods shares your words of wisdom. And I just want to thank you for them. Your sharing of love!

    • gayle

      Hi Karen, I suspect we know each other very well! Thank you for reading, and thank Michele for sharing. I appreciate you took time to contact me!

  23. Danna Frederick

    My mom Barbara told me I HAD to sign up and read your blog. So I did. I look forward to hearing from you. Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you (and Mike too). You have made me laugh, made me cry…..and made me love. So on this day of love, here’s to YOU.
    Love, love, love, Danna.

  24. liz davis

    thank you world for giving us Gayle
    is all I’m saying
    and then maybe I’m not so bad either
    cuz we are made of the same exact stuff
    I love you
    I love me more from knowing you

  25. Liz

    Thank you! We love being loved by you!

    • gayle

      Welcome home! I know one guy who also loves you very much and is glad to have his “girl” back where she belongs. I’m sorry for your loss. Hope you are finding peace.

  26. Pam Kuykendall

    You are a “BLESSING” from the Lord! Thank you for your wonderful words, insights and inspiration. I hope Valentine’s day was a great day for you.
    Love, Pam

    • gayle

      Thanks, Pam! Life is the blessing–hope you, too, are living yours with joy and love. My Valentine’s Day was magical, like today. :-)

  27. Janice Johnson

    May be a bit late, Ahhh, it’s never too late, to tell you that I love you too! Such a wonderful post. Thank you.

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