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We Are Who We Are!

There’s a moment at conception when there’s no turning back.

We will be what we will be:

I asked my mother, "What will I be?"

I asked my mother, “What will I be?”

Then we go through an awkward gangly stage:

Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?

Will I be pretty?
Will I be rich?

Will I be pretty?

I’m so pretty!

Will I be rich?

I’m so rich!












Then we’ll be what we’re meant to be:

I did it!

I made it!

It’s never too late to turn into who we are meant to be. Heck, I’m hot on the tracks of my meant-to-be right now. I figure if I keep going long enough I’ll make it. In the meantime, I’m honing my skills, taking plenty of dust baths and enjoying the company of my fine and not so fine feathered friends.

Even in my weakened state I find there is still a whole new world out there waiting to be discovered, to be tasted, to be loved. And I, for one, can’t wait to meet each day. How about you? How will you greet the day? What will you discover, taste and love? How will you give the self you are meant to be? However it is, I can’t wait to meet you there!

Wait for me...I'm coming!

Wait for me…I’m coming!


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  1. Michael

    Sweet! I’m working at it too.

  2. Marchelle

    You can’t see how much pleasure your posts give me. Each time I see one in my in box, I am so excited to open it to see what present you have given me.

    So thankful you are still here to send them once in a while. Are you up to company? I have Texas Ruby Red Grapefruits on my little tree this year. I would like to share when they ripen.

    Love, Marchelle “Mikey”

    • gayle

      Hi Mikey, I was wondering about you the other day…how you are, where you’re living. Yes, I would love to have you visit. Some days are better than others so give me a call first. The ruby reds sound delicious….

      And thank you for your kind words about my blog posts. I so enjoy writing them!

  3. Francie Parr

    Gayle….You Dear Being! I just got home from a Europe trip, and how perfect to read your blog as I’m re-entering life in Ashland. You are such an inspiration for me. Sending you universes of love and blessings….Francie

    • gayle

      Hi Francie, Your Ashland is like a Stratford-on-Avon without the thatch! I’m hoping to one day travel there again. Glad you’re home in the good ole USA again. I always love it when the custom agent says, “Welcome home.”

  4. Love it, Gayle!!! Great photos and writing.

  5. Wilma Watson Pitts

    I was so pleased you were able to be at the reunion. Cancer is such Hell and we fight for all we are worth. I woke up in the Hospital on my 40 th birthday with my chin on my cheeck with 114 stitches, the 3 rd surgery for Melanoma. They get it all abut it always comes back, even in “clean”: tissue from some where else. ?? I was on InterFeron-Alpha for 52 weeks, bad stuff. Being positive makes a difference i strongly believe and your attitude has carried you a long way . You and Mike are both in my prayers, I admire you for wanting to go for Quality, not quantity. God Bless you both. I really liked this last post. Beautifully done. Thank you. Wilma

    • gayle

      Hi Wilma, So happy to have you drop in for a comment. :-) I always enjoy attending Mike’s reunions. You are all so impish and playful and tender! Great class. Yes, cancer does seem to change one’s life, doesn’t it? I suspect if one can find the good hidden within (which for me has been self-discovery) then it won’t have been a total devastation. Keep up your good health, and keep being positive. Warmly, Gayle

      • Wilma Watson Pitts

        I try to go to all i can and visit. Some of the gang i have known since the 5 th grade, like Richard Smith and Dolores Adams Mackey. I went to the eye Dr’s last week and now know i have wet Macular in my right eye which i already had a blood clot a few years ago and took most of my sight in that eye. I am having trouble with Vertigo too now so it all never ends. I always ask God, ” are you sure i am as as strong as you think i am ?” But He always knows best and i am here 39 yrs later with Melanoma . And then there is you, a vibrant beautiful young woman with a loving husband and so much life to live for fighting so hard. I enjoy your posts and hope to keep in touch. Hugs to Mike too. Love Wilma

  6. Canda Williams

    Gayle, As always, your post puts a big smile on my face. Just returned from a week in San Luis Obispo with Don, and will join him on another business trip Monday to Bandon, OR. We’re trying to spend as much time together as possible with his crazy travel schedule. As we all know, life is precious, and to be lived and enjoyed moment to moment. We celebrate 12 years of marriage tomorrow. Your blog continues to remind me to make each day count! I love you, my friend. Thanks again for your gift of writing.

  7. Sandy Tincher

    Hi Gayle, I always enjoy reading your blog. Especially when it has animals in it. I love animals and feel we can learn from them. I am staying busy with my art and reading books. A new gallery is opening and I have 19 pieces of my art in it. It is next door to the old Tapas in the Oregon Street Antique Mall, upstairs. Doni Greenburg Chamberlain’s sister is starting it. They are having a reception on the 17th of this month so if you’re free come on by. Doni is cooking the goodies for it so they should be good. I will be there for two months and then they want to keep the artists rotating to give more people a chance to show. I hope in the two months I sell a few pieces. They take a 30% commission so I had to up my prices a little. I’ll keep reading your blog as I find it enjoyable. Do you have Carolyn’s e-mail address? Iwould like to get in tough with her. Keep up the good work, Sandy

    • gayle

      Hi Sandy, Glad to hear you’re still painting! I saw one of your animal paintings at the NVAL display. I’m still painting, too, even if it seems like it’s only on Sundays.I would like to come to the reception on the 17th if it’s not in the evening. I still run out of energy quickly and usually can’t manage much effort after 2 or 3 p.m. Regardless, I’ll still stop by sometime to see your artwork. I do not have an updated email address for Carolyn–i’s still the one I’ve had for the last few years. Thanks for reading the blog, Sandy!

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