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Sweet Inspirations encourage a closer look at the sweet life. They are usually posted daily and come from my inner understanding.  Enjoy!

Life: Ponder not the meaning of your life–live it!

Life: Make magic out of thin air.

Good Works: Think with your heart. Feel with your feet.

Truth: By building your foundation upon truth, the fullness of life will bring unimagined comfort to the world.

Life: The sweetest fruit is allowed to ripen.

Self: Believe You are the answer to any question.

Anger: Count to four backwards before you get angry, can anger and laughter take up the same space?

Self: Cry not about the wolf in sheep’s clothing: for that wolf is you.

This Moment: Love today as if it were your last.

Self: Enjoy being the gift you give to others.

Self: Come as you are: naked and unashamed.

Self-Care: Drive yourself crazy or drive yourself sane, but don’t just sit there.

Self-Care: To slow down does not mean to stop.

Life: Discover the wonder of your life.

Self Love: Accept your faults and forgive yourself first.

Self: Never waiver in what you know to be right.

Self-Love: Offer yourself a hand when you need a lift.

Love: Allow others to love you.

Life: Create your life anew in this moment.

Treasure: Loss reminds us of treasures we once had: what treasures do we have now?

Life: Relish the life you have been given.

Self: Don’t be mad at them: they are you.

Forgiveness: Place a flag pole in the heart of forgiveness so that others may find the way.

Self Care: Suffer not the inadequacies of others.

Source: Forget not That which guides you.

Love: Love until you can’t love anymore–then start again.

Peace: Cloud not tomorrow’s skies with today’s storm.

Love: Where does love begin? Where does it end?

Purpose: What if your purpose in life is simply to be here now, doing what you are doing?

Life: Accept the gifts life has to offer.

Patience: Be patient with yourself.

Self: Try not so hard to be gentle with yourself.

Love: Open your heart-door to those who do not know how to knock.

Seeking: Come to the table hungry.

Grace: Grace comes not through asking–it comes through accepting.

Love: Grieve not your losses with an empty heart.

Beauty: Look upon people as works of art.

Love: Cry out not for mercy and forgiveness; rather, give it.

Life: Live life with no holding back!

Self: Unmask the layers that hide you.

Source: Love that which propels you.

Tears: Welcome tears as the parched land welcomes rain.

Kindness: Tread lightly on another’s heart.

Freedom: The only way you can truly be free is with an open heart.

Joy: Sow words of kindness; reap crops of joy.

Love: Love what presents itself.

Prayer: Dear God, step up the Grace!

Self: Every day is a come-as-you-are party.

Self: It is in the stopping of mind that awareness of who you are can seep through.

Service: Sweet is the soul who serves.

Creation: The truth is, all of creation is creating.

Self: Inspire others by being who you are.

Self: Be kind to yourself: you never know when you may need you.

Life: Arise and shine–your light awaits.

Life: There’s a higher calling that will cause you to soar.

Fear: Jump off the cliff of fear…

Life: Title your life Amazing!

Old Age: The sweetest fruit ripens slowly.

Self-Love: Whisper sweet nothings into your own ear.

Love: Love freely: that is the fountain of youth.

Truth: Truth is what Is–without judgment.

Lessons: Receive each teaching within as well as without.

Life: Be tender in words and deeds. For tomorrow, your heart bleeds.

Teachers: Be grateful for all you have encountered in life: they are your teachers.

Life: See the beauty of a sunrise in a dull, gray day.

Life: Create compassion, not confusion.

Stress: If you’re getting dizzy, get off the merry-go-round.

Thoughts: We will be faced with the circumstances of erroneous thinking until we change it!

Teachers: The right teachers will be sent to us at the right times.

Self: When you feel tired–play!

Journey: One does not have to be perfect. Neither does one’s path.

Balance: When we are way out of balance, big things happen. As we get closer to balance, subtle things occur.

Challenges: There are challenges at every level: they show how one is not aligned. They teach us the way to God.

Path: One makes best choice possible by setting goals and working toward them.

Path: Your path criss-crosses others’ paths: you are never alone.

Thoughts: When you give your creative thought power, it will replace false beliefs.

Thoughts: When you give life to incorrect thought, it takes on an uncontrollable life of its own.

Thoughts: Unharnessed thoughts drive their maker.

Life: Create your life with joy!

Thought: Your creative thought will come when there is no chatter.

Love: Be generous to all who want your love.

Work: Feast on the fruits of your good labor.

Life: You are already living your dream!

“Shoulds:” Whatever it is you think you should do, you will have someone criticize you if you don’t!

Soul: Your forgiveness,  your intelligence, are each aspects of your own soul.

Love: Universal love is budding. You can feel it with your heart.

Thought: Only entertain those thoughts you want to give life to.

Thought: You will always be faced with your own thinking.

Wisdom: Wisdom is free for the taking–give it freely to those who take it!

All is Well: The next time you feel the “All is Well” moment, say to yourself, “Ah, so this is it.”

Forgiveness: Forgiveness is in the very air we breathe.

Life: Watch closely as the mystery unfolds.

Freedom: Be who you are and be free!

Love: Never underestimate the power of your love.

Nourishment: Feast on the depth of your soul.

Self: Call upon yourself to guide you.

Self: Trust yourself before all others.

Life: Open your eyes and raise your arms on the roller coaster of life!

Self: You have the power to effect eternity.

Dreams: Your lack of belief will keep your dreams in dreams.

Path: When you ask to be led, you will be shown the way.

Life’s Journey: You cannot take isolated incidents to see what direction your life is headed. You have to consider the whole.

Intuition is seeing the world how it is.

Love: Anger is a demand for love without first having given it.

Gratefulness: Be grateful for every little thing.

Thoughts: Observe your world to see what your thoughts are.

Simplify = satisfy

Life: Watch the sunrise as if it were a setting sun.

Joy: Joy can be found in each moment.

Silence: Quiet moments bring forth applause.

Life: Rest when you are tired. Eat when you are hungry.

Renew: Be not bitter over the tree that bore rotten fruit. Rather, harvest anew.

Inspiration: Place another log on the fire if yours is going out.

Friendship: A true friend loves you anyway. :-)

Love: Open your heart to love.

Self: Fly so high you need sunglasses.

Belief: Believe in the impossible and it is yours.

Count on one hand the number of times you have been perfect!

(From my Mom):  Either stay mad or get glad!

Sweet Life: Celebrate the ordinary day.

Happiness: Raise your spirits, and they will raise you.

Joy: Laugh until you snort!

Happiness: Cry not over yesterday’s mistakes.

Worry not over tomorrow’s.

For today is all you have.

Would you want it filled with sorrows?

Life: View life’s mystery through the eyes of a child.

Words: Words are symbolic. There is always more to the message than the words that are used.

Heaven: Arrive at the Gates with abandon!

Joy: Start each day with a smile.

Surrender: It is in the letting go that you will find what is.

Harmony: When everyone is in harmony, the Whole is in balance.

Self: If you hide behind doubts and fears, your true self cannot be seen.

Self: Dress yourself in God’s finery.

Joy: Open your heart like a child!

Eternity: In the spectrum of eternity, there is only this moment.

Desires: Mind is energy: it brings to you what you desire.

Friends: Hire the choir that sings your songs!

Joy: Make your wishes from joy–not fear.

Eternity: Our entire evolution is but a grain of sand on the beach of eternity.

Words: Words are of the Earth: sometimes encased within the words is a concept of Heaven.

Fear: As you give up earthly fears, you shine brighter and reach further.

Creativity: We each have an urge, we just need to follow it.

Fear: Anytime someone pulls back from love, it is fear of not being good enough.

Words: Words have a life of their own: say only what you want to give birth to.

Blessedness: Fear not your blessedness!

Choice: By your choices, you discover who you are.

Self: Express who and what you are without fear.

Happiness: Open to life!

Self: You are made to be you!

Happiness: Buy a bouquet to match your heart.

Going Home: Come Home with awe and wonder!

Truth: Use your inner knowing to tell the truth.

Enlightenment: Either worry your way or hurry your way.

Mirth: Laugh at yourself before all others.

Life: Keep the best, discard the rest.

Playfulness: Chide not the child in thee!

Life: What you think, feel, say and do gives birth to real life.

Truth: One can receive true knowing directly and need not read another man’s words.

Friends: Friends are the tiramisu of life!

Joy: Smell the dandelions until they tickle your nose.

Love: Sweet is the life that loves.

Truth: There is only one truth: It Is

Sweet Life: Invite the best of yourself to each day.

Joy: Smile as if you had perfect teeth!

Time: In the spectrum of eternity, there is only this moment.

Words: Words have a life of their own: say only what you want to give birth to.

Life: Embarrass yourself with abandon!

Self: Startle yourself with your grandeur!

Play: Think of children. When they get up, they think about how much fun they’re going to have that day!

Life: Make room for space.

Mind: To open your mind, realize that mind is all there is.

Teachers: We are all teachers, each in our own way.

Love: Comfort thy mother in her old age as you would comfort yourself in times of angst.

Self: Express who you are to all you meet.

Love: Touch another with tender adornment.

Love: Give your heart gladly while you still have one to give!

Life: Your boat floats when you launch it–not before.

Play: Sometimes we wish for the innocence of childhood. That’s when it is time to play!

Thought: Negative thought will push away your good.

Life: As long as you’re in tune, it doesn’t matter which song you’re playing.

Happiness= Finding what you are searching for.

Being:  It’s in the doing that you are.

Look to each moment and see what it calls you to do.

Openings:  Openings appear when you are ready to go through them.

Love:  Invite love.

Freedom: Running free makes you strong.

God: The same amount of God resides in every person. No one has any more or any less.

God: God’s will:  Anything that makes you more fully live life.

Thought: Each thought plays by our rules–which is the danger of not being clear.

Rules are the conditions in which we want your beliefs to occur.

Love: Look with love and put down your shield.

Truth: External teachers can only give you their perception.

God is the one who gives you Truth.

Mind: It’s all one mind.  When you study in one field, you increase awareness in another.

Focus: When you force things you’re trying to build the road, but God has already built the road.

Keep your eye on Him.

Intuition: Actions taken solely on intellect are not usually harmful,

but they are not for the good of the whole

Relationship: When you focus on someone else, you will only see the surface.

Only by focusing on your Self will you see the other person as whole.

Knowing:  You can get true knowing directly and need not read another man’s words.

Nature:  Earth is a great nurturer.

It acts as a mirror to show humans their state of consciousness.

Soul:  When you have an empty soul you never feel good enough.

Thought:  You have to change thought before you change action.

Thought:  Your thoughts will produce whatever you believe.

Thought:  Thoughts take on a life of their own!

Thought:  When two different thoughts come together, they produce a new idea, a new world.

Love:  Love as if there is no tomorrow.

Truth:  Tell the truth as if your life depends on it.

Self:  Wear your Self proudly!

Inner Light:  Be a beacon by polishing your lens.

Inner Voice:  Listen to the still voice as if it were God.

Burdens:  Lighten your load by refusing to carry it!

Love:  Love thyself as if you meant it.

Life:  Live life one moment at a time.

Healing: Heal thyself as if you knew how.

Creation: Everything you think, do, say and feel is giving birth to creation.

Intuition: Intuition is your relationship with spirit.

Thoughts: Physical beauty, no matter what the features,

comes from what you think of yourself.

Soul: Your soul is the pure essence of God,

with all the strength and power to create your own world.

Teachers: You are the student.  You are the teacher.  It is one.

Relationships: The relationship with our Self is the one we are to work on.

Other relationships in our lives are merely a reflection of the one.

What Is: It either is or isn’t,

and even that’s the same.

Heart:  What you hold in your heart is what you take on your journey.

God: God whispers to those who roar!

Mind: How you think in your mind moves God.

Nature: Each day brings forth a new beginning.

Mind: Everything external can be first felt within.

God: God is like an endless spring of well water,

ever bubbling forth.

Mind: What you are conscious of is what you see as the possibilities for yourself.

What you are unconscious of is what you are capable of achieving.

Meditation: When you meditate you enter a world of your own choosing.

By your choices, you discover who you are.

Who You Are: Each star is a shimmer of hope

which helps you keep in touch with what is larger

than you seem to be.

Freedom:  Freedom means doing that which enriches you.

Play: You want play as much as you want love.

Don’t be afraid to play!

Life: Rejoice in life

and release everyone else.

Wisdom: When you apply new wisdom to old patterns,

you get new results.

Intuition: Intuition is the door to the soul.

Learn to open it

and you will be speaking the language of the angels.

Path: Everything is on our journey.

Watch even the slightest details and know.

Wishes: Wishes serve as a means to guide us.

Purpose: Your purpose is to perfect your own part
for the good of the whole.

Love = Life,
Life = Love.

Purpose: When you find the way to express in a loud,
strong voice without being afraid,
you have found your purpose.

Goals: Set your sights on new, expanded goals
and the smaller ones in between
will fill in faster.

Path: One often postpones spiritual growth
due to the hope that worldly things
will be fulfilling.

Path: Look into all you do.
See what is awaiting you there.

Path: Your path will be made clear to you.
When it feels right–it is.

Life: See your world, your life,
as a meditation.

Joy: You cannot plead for joy and get it.
See it in what already is.

Joy: We are all seeking,
and we are each others joy.

Work: Another person’s labors
will not provide you with satisfaction.

Process: Practice, practice, practice works.
It eventually reaches the point that the process
takes over you–and it becomes what is beyond you.

Truth: Once you discover truth,
you discover self.

Truth: External teachers can only give you their perception,
because when they learn a truth,
they are it, they don’t teach it.

Truth: When you know truth,
and can read it,
it is as if you are naked.

Truth: You must look for truth
where you think it is not.

Truth: Truth is stronger than fear,
and you seek truth no matter what the cost.

Truth: Seek ye the truth,
and you shall find the way.

Greatness: You cannot stop the greatness from coming.
It is who you are.

Your Dreams: Your hopes, your dreams live.
They are done.
Act as if it were so.

Belief: A man who believes another man’s words
has no words of his own.

Slow Down: If you go too fast,
you forget the now.

Live Life: To enjoy life, to live life,
look into each moment
and see the bounty it holds. 

Eternity: Every day you are born into a new reality.
That day is on a small scale of eternity.
How do you want to spend eternity?
Newness: You will forever encounter newness.
Longings: Give up your desperate longings
and take what is good.

Happiness: If you live in this moment as if it is eternity,
joy and happiness will fill you forever.
Travel Inward: As far as the universe expands outward,
is as far as you can travel inward.
The Whole: The parts of your creation do not see the substance holding them together.
They view themselves as separate entities not knowing their connection,

but they are all projections of you.

Your Creation: Each part of your universe functions from your creation of it,
unlimited, rippling into infinity until it encompasses the whole.

Your Universe: Your light shines on the world of your affairs.
That is your universe, you have created it.

Let it Shine!: Your light illumines your life when you ask.  Simply let it shine!
Easter Sunday: When you know that your projections function as perfect wholeness in your universe, as God’s projections function perfectly in His, then you will know you are God.  This is not to say that you are the Creator, the “Father who art in Heaven,” but rather, that you can find God within yourself.

Light: Your light shines everlasting, offering healing,
empowerment, peace and guidance.

Source: Within you is the source of light,
awaiting your recognition.

Creation: Where there is one source of light,
therein lies the power of all creation.

Be Yourself: To know yourself
is to be yourself.

Breath: Breath’s tone is the power,
the core tone.

Sing!: There is nothing
so sweet and pure
as the one who sings

Hallelujah!: Step forward, sing Hallelujah
and the world will answer.

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