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Summer Vacation

Summer is coming.

Have you made any plans?

Maybe rising early to watch the sun herald the day?

Big Baba and the Sun

Big Baba and the Sun










Maybe taking a refreshing dip in a nearby lake?

Gayle at Whiskeytown Lake

Gayle at Whiskeytown Lake: 2013













Maybe blowing bubbles in the sand?

Liz Making Bubbly!

Liz Making Bubbly!













Or that all time favorite: sleeping outside…

Ah...My Favorite!

Ah…My Favorite!


















I remember that at one time making future plans was almost as exciting as the event itself. But that is in the past. Now I know that making future plans means you are confident you have a future!

Ah…the pleasure in “future” should not be taken lightly. Nor should it be taken for granted. Have you ever stopped to consider if you could no longer plan for next year, next month, next week, or tomorrow? How would you adjust your lifestyle? How would you decide to live more fully so that when the time does come, you will be satisfied you have lived, you have loved, you have laughed?

(Pause here so you have time to consider……….)

What answers have you come up with? What are you doing about those answers?

I know what I’m doing. I’m planning for the future–and doing what I can about those plans. I’m living until I die. I’m loving more deeply. I’m laughing until I snort. And then I’m doing it some more.

Will I ever be able to take another vacation? Who knows!

But today I can live; I can love; I can laugh.

And that’s enough.

Besides, if the time comes when I can once again take a road trip, I have already planned my future vacation-mobile. Something that fits me after having lived for 3 years with advanced pancreatic cancer:

Future Vacation-Mobile

Future Vacation-Mobile
















Rusty and a little worn out, but still living the sweet life!

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28 Responses

  1. I love your Vacation-Mobile! Please take me with you!

    • gayle

      Okay. But I make a better back-seat driver (from the front seat, of course!) so as long as you’re willing to drive….Santa Cruz will be our first stop.

  2. susan keller

    Boy – are you PRECIOUS!!!!!!

  3. Canda Williams

    Love that future vacation-mobile! I can’t think of anything more wise than living every day to the fullest, loving those in our lives with all our heart, and finding things to laugh about, even if it’s at ourselves. My faith gives me the peace that if I took my last breath within the next 5 minutes, I would not be afraid. Planning too far ahead keeps us from savoring the present, so I choose to do that. Every moment is a precious gift for which I am grateful. Much love to you, Gayle.

  4. Amy

    Love your words and the stories they tell! I’m reminded to live the sweet life everyday and my life is all that more sweet with you in it!!! XO!
    Oh and I’d like to be sitting on top of the bike on the vacation-mobile as it rambles down the highway! :)

    • gayle

      I can picture your hair flying and smile so large you’re collecting bugs in your teeth as we travel the back roads of New York. Let’s go!

  5. Elizabeth "CUZ" Guittar

    As usual, a pleasure to read your posting and see the beautiful photos. I notice Gayle’s calf muscles and even though they don’t work as well as you would like, they look sturdy, strong and well exercised. In NC on way back to NYC and MV. Hot, humid here today…that lake looks very tempting. Can feel the chill. And you keep chillin! So far so good…let’s hear it for ATTITUDE. Cuz xo

    • gayle

      Hi Cuz, Attitude=Altitude=Flying High. It’s nice that I have a pilot living with me to help keep me aloft. And the love of friends of family Hope your Attitude is equaling Altitude. You also have a pilot living with you, who I’m sure helps keep you loft, too. So does that mean we’re earning our wings? :-)

  6. Oh Gayle, first had me thinking, then crying, then laughing. I am learning from every blog you write, how to be a better me! Thank you and I love you

    • gayle

      You do a pretty darn good job of being you! But thank you for your kind words. If you laugh, cry and think from reading my words, than you’re an A+ reader! I love you, too, very much.

  7. Wanda Stone-Brady

    My dear friend I take one day at a time and am so thankful that I can!!

    • gayle

      I so understand! What learning we can gain from our difficult disease. One of those is to be thankful for each day–and each loved one! I’m glad you’re one of mine.

  8. Michole

    Wow Gayle, another thought provoking blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful process with the rest of us. Your grace and insights are inspiring!

  9. charlie

    Here’s TO LIFE . have a little wine with that out on the deac
    love ya

  10. Bobbie Shaw

    I have never made big plans for the future. I have an idea What I think or thought I hoped to do in the future, but even those changed over time or were less thrilling than I thought they would be.

    To be honest with you, I think as we age we get less round up about our plans. I do know I’d want to be sure I was there for my family in the past, hope in could be there for them in the future, and go to bed each night with all of us knowing We are loved.

    I had hoped to travel in whatvwasvthe retirement future and is now the present… abd Travel is a little scary to me because as a single woman with limited $ and less enthusiasm about travelling alone, even that high hope is somewhat diminished.

    So peoples don’t feel to down about a limited future; chances are you may not have done all those lofty things anyway…

    Most important is Love.

    • gayle

      I agree with you–plans and dreams change. What we wanted when we were 18 is different than what we want now. I think it’s the nagging dreams, the ones we can’t let go throughout our life, that call to us for attention. And, I’ve discovered as you have, the most important dreams are all about love, either giving or receiving. Life is like that!

  11. Sara Sundquist

    “I remember that at one time making future plans was almost as exciting as the event itself.” I remember you saying that when we’d plan our next hiking and biking trips! I just got out my backpacking book to dream about my next trip, whenever that may be! Miss you! Keep these posts coming. I love hearing from you!

    • gayle

      Hi Sara, Thank you for loving my posts! Yes, we have had so many fun adventures together. I particularly remember the ride we did along the organic farms route with Mary and Diane. I think we ate and laughed our way through 65 miles! What fun. I hope you choose the perfect backpack trip, and our skies remain smokeless this summer!

  12. Gayle, you’ve said it so well in this blog for all of us as well as for yourself. By the way, I still have my old bike with coaster brakes from when I was 7 years old (that looks like the rusty one in your photo only it is not rusty). I had new tires put on it a few years ago and the man at the bike shop told me it was “a beauty” worth $1,000! Who would have guessed? Think I will take my antique self out on it for a ride this weekend and take you along in prayer when I do. That photo is a riot! Big hugs to you!

    • gayle

      Sandi, I would not call you antique, I would call you Goddess! I think a cruise through the park might be just the thing for a Saturday ride. Have fun on your $1,000 cruiser.

  13. Peggie Linville

    Thank you Gayle for the nudge to look into and plan for the future. It was lovely, with beautiful pictures as well. Take care my dear and keep planning.

  14. Pam Kuykendall

    I love your comment; LIVING until you die. That is wonderful advice for everyone! YOU are an inspiration for me. THANK YOU, Pam

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